How is the distinction made between products and offline services?

Please review the comparison table. How is the distinction made between products and offline services?


When I purchase a offline service, I receive a PNR code, how can I use the service?

When you purchase a offline service from our store, a PNR code is sent to you via SMS by the system. You must use this PNR code within 90 days from the date of purchase.

You can use your PNR code by contacting the seller through their contact information and providing it to the seller. By informing the seller and facilitating its operation, you will have used your PNR code.

Unused PNR codes will expire after 90 days, and there is no refund for unused PNR codes.


Can I purchase offline service with my points?

Yes, you can purchase offline services with your points.


How can I obtain the content details of the service offered in the offline service?

Since the offline service offers a service, there is no shipping involved. If you have purchased a offline service, it will be a service, so you can either use it remotely or in person at the seller's service location. It is important to contact the seller based on the content of the service you purchased.


I purchased a offline service but I reside in a different city, how can I use the service?

It is essential to pay attention to the descriptions in the offline service content. If the seller cannot provide this service in the city where you reside, you may need to arrange for the service to be used from the seller's city.


I'm not satisfied with the offline service I purchased, how can I request a refund?

You can cancel or return a service you purchased within 14 days without stating any reason, in accordance with the applicable Consumer Protection Laws. Returns shall not be accepted and thus refunds cannot be processed if this cooling-off period is exceeded.