Order Steps

1.    Choose Your Products and Add to Cart

You can browse our products on the website, inquire with the seller, and gather information as needed. Add the products you like to your cart. You can also select free shipping options for the products you wish to purchase. Moreover, there is no need to become a member to place an order.

2.    Specify Your Delivery Address

You can enter the delivery address for the products added to your cart, and if you wish, you can specify multiple addresses.

3.    Select Your Payment Method

During the payment stage of your order, choose one of the payment methods we offer, including Credit Card, Digital Wallet Application, and Points. If you prefer, you can use both points and other payment methods simultaneously for a single order.

4.    Review the Summary of Your Order

Before confirming, review the current status and summary of your order.

5.    Confirm Your Order

After completing your summary review, approve the preliminary information form and the Distance Selling Agreement, then proceed to confirm your order.


 Membership Steps

1.    Click on the "Sign Up" Button on Our Website

You can shop on our website without signing up, but if you complete the membership process, you can earn points from your purchases and use those points for future shopping. If you wish to become a member, click on the "Sign Up" button to initiate the process.

2.    Enter Your First Name, Last Name, Email, and Password

In the provided field, enter your first name, last name, and email. Temporarily set a preliminary password and enter the chosen password.

3.    Give Your Consent Please confirm the Membership Agreement, Customer Information Notice, and Customer Explicit Consent Statement.

You can also obtain more detailed information about Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy if you wish.

4.    Sign Up

Complete the membership process by clicking the "Sign Up" button.