I have points in my account, how can I use them for my purchases?

After adding the selected products to your cart, you can use the points in your account during the payment process by entering the desired amount either all at once or in part in the points field.


I made a purchase, but I didn't receive my points, why?

Your feedback on the products you purchase and the performance of the sellers is valuable to us. Therefore, it is expected that you leave reviews for the seller and the product. Your points will be credited to your account immediately after you leave your review.


What is Fornium Club points and how can I use them?

Fornium Club is an offline shopping platform, and for detailed information, you can click here.

Fornium Club points are referred to as Fornium Club Points, and after confirming these points by clicking on the "My Cards" button under the "My Account" menu, you can use them.


What is the value of the points?

Each Fornium Partner Point and Fornium point is equivalent to 1 GBP.


Do the points have an expiration date?

There is no expiration date for both your Fornium Club points and Fornium points. They carry over into the new year and can be used for your purchases.


Can I convert the points I earn into cash?

As a shopping member, you can only use the points you earn for your purchases, and you cannot request cash.


Are my points valid for all purchases and products?

Yes, you can use the points you earn for all products and orders.


Can I earn points again on the purchases I make with my points?

Certainly, you can earn points again on purchases made using your points under the same terms and conditions.


I am going to cancel/return my order, how will my points be refunded?

 You can cancel/return your order according to the cancellation/return process. During this process, the points you used in an order will be instantly credited back to your account.


Can I transfer the points I earn to a family member or another account?

The points accumulated in your account can only be used for orders in that account. Points cannot be transferred to another account.


How many points do I earn on my purchases?

The points you earn in a purchase are a gift from our seller. Without any special promotions, you earn points equivalent to 1% of the purchase amount on a single purchase.