How can I become a member?

To create a membership account, you can click on th “Sign Up” link.


Can I shop without being a member?

All our guests can shop without being a member.

You can follow the steps below for shopping without becoming a member:

• Select the product you want to purchase.

• Add the product to your cart and click on "My Cart."

• In the opened area, you can see the product price and shipping conditions if applicable. Click the "Complete Purchase" button from here, and then click the "Continue Without Signing In" button located under the "Log In" tab.

• Enter the requested information in the information field that opens and click "Save."

• Complete your payment process to finalize your purchase.


How can I check the status of my orders?

You can check the status of your order by clicking on the "Order Inquiry" link and entering your email or mobile number along with your order number in the opened area. This will allow you to track the status of your order and its delivery process.


I am a Guest User. How can I cancel or return my order?

If the seller has not yet shipped your order, you can cancel it by clicking on the "Order Inquiry" link, entering your email address and order number, and then clicking the "Cancel" button on your order page.

If the seller has already shipped your order and you receive a damaged, defective, or otherwise problematic item, you can return it within 14 days. You can initiate the return process by following these steps:

1.    Click on the "Start Return Request" button for the relevant product in the section where your order is located.

2.    After clicking, a return form will open.

3.    In the opened form, the relevant product will be selected in the "Product/Products to be Returned" section. Other products can also be optionally selected and added.

4.    In the "Did You Receive the Product?" section, choose the appropriate option: "I have received the product" or "I have not received the product."

a. If you have received the product:

i. Select the "I have received the product" button.

 ii. After making this selection, you will see the question, "Have you sent the product for return?"

iii. If you have sent the product to return, select "Yes." If you click "Yes," then:

iv. You will be asked, "Which courier company did you use?" At this point, there will be a red warning stating, "If you send the product with courier companies other than the one the store has an agreement with, the shipping fee will be at your expense."

v. Choose the courier company from the drop-down list, if applicable, enter the tracking number, and add any necessary comments. Then, click the "Create Return Request" button.

vi. If you select "No" for "Have you sent the product for return?" then, under "Which courier company did you use?" select one of the courier companies with which you will send the product.

vii. After this selection, a Return Shipping Code will be generated. This code will also be visible in the "My Orders" section of the store, next to the relevant product.

viii. Add any necessary comments, and then click the "Create Return Request" button. The process is complete.

ix. When you provide this return code to the selected courier company, the product return shipment will be made free of charge.


b. If you have not received the product:

i. Select the "I have not received the product" button.

ii. Below, you will see the question, "Why didn't you receive the product?"

Choose the appropriate option, such as "I returned it at the door" or "The product has not reached me" and provide an explanation.

iii. To add an image, you can take a photo of the product, click on the "Browse" button, and select the appropriate image from your files.

iv. During this process, an SMS will also be sent to the seller confirming that a return request has been made for the relevant product.

v. In your order, an information line will appear stating "Return Request Created for the Relevant Product" along with the Return Shipping Code.

vi. When this code is provided to the relevant courier company, an automatic 7-day approval process begins.

vii. If the returned product was sent with a non-partner courier company, you may see the selected courier company information in the "My Orders" section of your account.

viii. The seller can extend the initial 7-day automatic approval process for one-time-only for an additional 7 days.

ix. When the seller approves the product return, you will receive a notification SMS.


What is the difference between a Guest User and a Member?

Point Accumulation: When you become a Member, you earn points equivalent to 1% of your purchase amount, and you can use these earned points for future purchases without any loss.

Reviews and Ratings: Members can leave reviews for their purchases, inform other buyers, rate sellers, and participate in quality assessments. Guest Users may have limited or no access to these interactions.

Favorite Products: Members can mark products they've added to their cart as favorite items, making it easier for them to shop in the future. Guest Users may not have access to this feature.

Multiple Addresses: Members can add as many addresses as they want and can send gifts to their loved ones easily. Guest Users might have restrictions on the number of addresses they can input.

Contacting Sellers: Members can ask questions to sellers and gather information before making a purchase. Guest Users may have limited or no ability to contact sellers.


Why do I need to provide my ID number when making a purchase?

You may be required to enter your ID number during the shopping process because it may be needed by the seller for invoice issuance after the purchase and during the shipping and delivery process."