1.       How do I shop?

Watch the video. How to shop from Fornium stores?


2.       How do I use points?

When you reach the 'Payment Information' page for your order, you can see your Fornium points under the 'Point Usage' row. You can use these points to cover as much of your order's payment amount as you would like.


3.       How can I become a customer member?

You can become a member by clicking on the 'Log In/Sign Up' button in the top right corner of the stores and then clicking on the 'Sign Up' button on the opened screen.


4.       Is there an age limit for membership?

Anyone who is over 16 years old and has accepted the terms and conditions can become a member.


5.       Is there a membership fee?

You can create your membership for free in order to shop.


6.       Can I create multiple memberships?

You can create multiple memberships with different phone numbers.


7.       Can others access the information I provide during the membership registration?

Your membership and personal information is not shared with third parties without your consent, except for the cases specified in the Distance Sales Agreement and Privacy Policies. To learn more about your rights regarding Privacy Policies, click here.


8.       Can I shop without becoming a member?

Yes, you can. After selecting products from our stores and adding them to your cart, you can proceed with your purchase by choosing the option 'Continue Without Becoming a Member' on the page that appears.


9.       How does the customer order and shipping process work?

Please review the document on the customer order and shipping process.


10.   How can I access my orders?

If you have created a membership, you can click on the 'Log In' button on the shopping website, log in to your account, and access the details of your orders under the 'My Orders' tab. If you placed an order without creating a membership, you can access the order details by clicking on the 'Order Inquiry' tab at the bottom of the website.


11.   What is Fornium Club?

Fornium Club is a earning system that rewards you with moneypoints for every expense you make with a single virtual card/application and offers the opportunity to shop at member businesses with the moneypoints earned. Customers can join for free. They earn rewards from national companies, online member businesses, and member businesses from every region and sector. All they need to do during the purchase is to provide their mobile phone number or ID number. After each purchase, they receive an instant SMS notification about their earnings."


12.   What is moneypoint?

moneypoint is the earning points that customers earn at Fornium stores with every purchase they make, at a rate of 1%, and can use in their future purchases.


13.   How do I activate my moneypoints?

After logging in with your username and password at the stores, click on the 'My Account' menu, then select the 'My Cards' tab. When you activate the 'Fornium Club' section, you can now use your Fornium Club points for shopping at the stores."


14.   How is the distinction made between products and onsite services?

Please review the comparison table. How is the distinction made between products and offline services?


15.   What is the difference between cancellation and return?

You can cancel an order before the supplier confirms it. Once the supplier confirms and ships the product, you can no longer cancel it; you can only request a return."


16.   How does the cancellation process work?

For orders placed at the stores, the 'Cancel' button becomes active in the 'My Orders' section. If you cancel your order before the product is confirmed and shipped by the supplier, your order will be canceled. A message is sent to the supplier indicating the cancellation, and your payment will be refunded to you.


17.   How does the return process work?

a. When you click the 'Received the Product' button or when the supplier initiates the shipping process, the 'Initiate Return Request' button becomes active in the 'My Orders' section.

b. Clicking on it opens the return form if necessary. The relevant product is preselected in the 'Product(s) to be Returned' row. Other products can also be optionally selected and added.

c. In the 'Have You Received the Product?' row, select the appropriate option, either 'I received the product' or 'I did not receive the product.' If 'I did not receive the product' is selected, the question 'Why did you not receive the product?' appears below. Choose the option that suits your situation, either 'Returned at the door' or 'Product did not reach me' and provide an explanation. You can also add visuals by clicking the 'Browse' button and selecting the appropriate file from your documents.

d. At this point, an SMS is also sent to the supplier, notifying them of the return request for the relevant product.

e. If 'I received the product' is selected, you will see the question 'Did you send it to the return via cargo?' below.

f. If 'Yes' is selected, the question 'Which courier company did you use?' appears below. During this step, there is a warning in red stating, 'If you send with courier companies other than the one the store has an agreement with, the shipping fee will be at your expense.'

g. Select the courier company from the dropdown list, enter the tracking number if available, and add an explanation. Then click the 'Create Return Request' button.

h. If 'No' is selected, choose one of the agreed-upon couriers for the question 'Which courier company did you use?' Next, a 'Courier Return Code' is displayed. This code can also be seen in the 'My Orders' section of the relevant product line in the store. When you provide this code to the selected courier company, the return shipment will be free of charge.

i. Add an explanation, and then click the 'Create Return Request' button. The process is completed.

j. In the store's 'My Orders' section, you will see an information line that says 'Return Request Created' and the 'Courier Return Code' for the relevant product.

k. When this code is provided to the selected courier company, a 7-day automatic approval process begins.

l. If the product was shipped with a non-agreed-upon courier, the selected courier company information can be seen in the 'My Orders' section.

m. The supplier can extend the 7-day automatic approval period once for 7 more days.

n. When the supplier approves, you will also receive an informative SMS."


18.   Will I have to pay for the return shipping fee?

If you choose one of the agreed-upon couriers, you will not have to pay for the shipping fee. However, if you choose other couriers, the shipping fee will be your responsibility


19.   What are the non-returnable items?

a. Products that are custom-made at the request of the buyer, or products that have been altered or personalized for the buyer,

b. Products that are not suitable for return due to their nature (such as underwear, swimwear, cosmetics, and other hygiene-sensitive products; these can be returned only if they are unopened and unused),

c. Opened audio or video recordings (such as DVDs, CDs, and tapes), printed materials (such as books and magazines), software programs, and computer consumables,

d. Perishable or products with a risk of expiration date,

e. Products whose prices fluctuate based on stock or financial market fluctuations and are not under the control of the supplier (e.g., bullion, precious metals like gold and silver),

f. Travel-related products and services such as hotel bookings, domestic/international tours, trips, and plane tickets from the holiday category (cancellations and returns for these products and services are subject to the policies of the seller or travel agency),

g. Services provided instantly in electronic format or non-material products delivered instantly to the consumer,

h. Products that have been mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature.


20.   What should I pay attention to when returning the product?

a. The product you intend to return should be undamaged, unused, and free from any damage caused by incorrect use, and the packaging should be intact.

b. If products are returned in a used, worn, or washed condition, they may be sent back to you, and a refund may not be issued.

c. When returning a product, make sure to include all accessories, the original box, and the invoice.

d. Return of disposable items and products that have a risk of rapid deterioration or have passed their expiry date is not accepted.

e. For white goods (such as refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, ovens - gas, electric, microwave -, cooktops, hoods, irons, fans, heaters, coolers), televisions, and similar products that require installation, the boxes should only be opened by authorized service personnel after delivery. If you open the product's box before the authorized service personnel arrive, the product may fall out of warranty coverage.


21.   What can I do if the product was not shipped by the supplier?

If your order is not shipped within the specified processing time, you can select the product from the product details page or the 'My Account' menu, then click the 'Ask a Question to the Store' button to contact the store.


22.   Can all the items I purchase together be shipped together?

If you purchase items from the same store and their processing times are not different, they will be shipped together in a single package. However, items purchased from different stores will not be shipped together in a single package.


23.   Can the billing address be different from the delivery address?

You can choose to have your billing address the same as the delivery address or enter a different address.

During the ordering process, in the Address Selection stage, you can click the 'Add New Address' button to add a new address or select from your saved addresses. You can also add a new address by clicking the 'Add New Address' button in the 'My Account' menu under the 'My Addresses' section.


24.   What should I do If I get a 'Tracking number not found' error while trying to track my shipment?

It might be due to incomplete or incorrect cargo information. In this case, you can contact the store for assistance. You can select the product from the product details page or the 'My Orders' page in the 'My Account' menu, then click the 'Ask the Store' button to send a message to the store.


25.   How can I access the tracking number for my shipment?

You can find the Tracking Number in your 'My Orders' page under the 'My Account' menu or in the SMS notification that was sent to you.


26.   Who pays the shipping fee?

At Fornium, there are three options for shipping fees, determined by the supplier: Buyer Pays, Free Shipping (Paid by the Supplier), and Conditional Shipping (Suppliers provide free shipping for orders above a certain purchase amount).


27.   How can I track the location of my order in shipment?

Once the supplier ships the product, they enter the shipment information into the system. The shipment details are sent to your mobile phone number via SMS along with the order code. With this information or by using the order code on the product, you can track your order on the courier company's website through the "My Orders" page in the "My Account" menu.


28.   My order hasn't arrived, what should I do?

If the supplier has shipped your order, the delay may be due to the courier company. You can track the status of your order using the courier tracking code provided to you via SMS or through the "My Orders" page in the "My Account" menu. If you have concerns about your order, you can select the relevant product from the "My Orders" page and use the "Ask a Question to the Supplier" button to contact the supplier for assistance.