What is Fornium Club?

Fornium Club is a rewards system that allows you to earn points from every purchase you make with a single virtual card/application and offers the opportunity to shop from member businesses with the points earned. Customers can join for free and earn rewards from national-scale companies, online member businesses, and member businesses from every sector in every region. All you need to do during shopping is to provide your mobile phone number or ID number. After each purchase, you will receive an instant SMS notification informing you of your earnings.


What is Fornium Club points?

Fornium points is the reward points earned by customers from every purchase they make at Fornium online stores, at a rate of 1% for each purchase, and they can use them in their future purchases. The reward points earned from member businesses using Fornium Club are also called "Fornium Club Points" and customers can use them in Fornium online stores, too.


How can activate my Fornium Club points?

After logging in with your username and password at the stores, click on the "My Cards” tab in the "My Account” menu. When you activate the "Fornium Club" section, you can use your Fornium Club Points in stores for your purchases.