What can I do If the product has not been shipped by the seller?

If your order has not been shipped within the specified processing time, you can contact the supplier by selecting the product from the product details page or the "My Account" menu, and then clicking the "Ask Store a Question" button.


Can all the items be shipped together when I purchase multiple products?

If you have purchased products from the same seller and their processing times are not different, they will be shipped together in a single package. However, products purchased from different sellers will not be shipped together in a single package.


Can the billing address be different from the delivery address?

Yes, you can choose to have the billing address the same as the delivery address or enter a different address. When placing an order, during the Address Selection stage, you can click the "Add New Address" button to enter a new address or choose from your existing addresses. You can also add a new address by clicking the "Add New Address" button in the "My Account" menu under the "My Addresses" section.


When will my order arrive?

The product you have purchased will be shipped by the seller within an average of 48 hours, excluding variables related to product sourcing. You can track the delivery status of the product that has been shipped by using the tracking number provided in the SMS message through the website of the courier company.


I want to track my shipment but it says "Tracking Number not found," what should I do?

If the shipment information has been entered incorrectly or is missing, and you are unable to track the status of the shipment, you should contact the seller. You can do this by selecting the product from the product details page or the "My Account" menu's "My Orders" page, and then clicking the "Ask Store a Question" button to send your message to the seller.


Where can I find the shipment tracking number?

You can find the shipment tracking number in your "My Orders" page under the "My Account" menu or in the SMS message that has been sent to you.


My order couldn't be delivered because I wasn't at my address. What can I do?

If your order delivered by the courier company couldn't be delivered because you were not at your address, a notice indicating your absence will typically be left at your address. Parcels that cannot be delivered to the recipient's address are usually held for 3 days, and if there is no response from the recipient, they are returned to the seller. In such a situation, if you wish to receive the product again, you can contact the seller or Fornium. If your order is to be resent, it will usually be sent with a cash-on-delivery option.


Do courier deliveries take place on public holidays?

Courier companies can make deliveries to homes on Sundays and public holidays, except for Sundays and official holidays.


Who pays for the shipping cost?

At Fornium, there are three options determined by the seller for shipping fees. Buyer Pays, Free Shipping (Seller pays), and Conditional Shipping (Sellers offer free shipping for orders over a certain purchase amount).


How can I find out the location of my order in shipment?

Once the seller has dispatched the product, they enter the shipment information into the system. The shipment details are sent to your mobile phone number via SMS along with the order code. With this information, you can track your order through the courier company's website using the order code on the product or through the "My Orders" page in the "My Account" menu.


what can I do If my order hasn't reached me?

If the seller has already shipped your order, the delay may be due to the courier company. You can track the status of your order using the shipment tracking code provided to you via SMS or on the "My Orders" page in the "My Account" menu. If you select the relevant product from the "My Orders" page, you can also contact the seller by clicking the "Ask Store a Question" button on the product details page.


What should I pay attention to during the delivery of my order?

It's important to thoroughly check your delivered package. Inspect the package and its contents with the courier present to ensure there are no missing items or damage.

If you notice any damage to the package or its contents, you should not accept the delivery and immediately initiate a return with the courier company. In this case:

* Be sure to fill out a "Damage Detection Report" with the courier.

* After signing the courier's delivery document, if you decide not to accept the package due to content or quantity discrepancies, you can initiate a return.

* Return the product/package to the courier along with this report and the invoice to send it back to the seller.

For products in the electronic category, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions, that require installation by an authorized service after delivery:

*If the package is opened without the presence of the authorized service information, the product may not be eligible for a return.

*If any issues are identified during the authorized service installation, you can initiate a return with an authorized service report.

*These steps will help ensure that you receive your order in the best condition and resolve any issues that may arise during the delivery process.


Can I change the delivery address or recipient address of my order?

If the product you purchased has not yet been shipped by the seller, you can contact the seller through the "My Account" menu under the "My Orders" section to request changes.

However, if the product has already been shipped, address changes can only be made by the courier company responsible for delivering your package. In this case, you can contact the customer service department of the courier company using the tracking number provided to you.

You can reach out to the courier company's customer service using their numbers.