What should I pay attention to when searching for products?

When searching for products in our store, you can search by product title, product code, and brand. If you know the product code, entering it for the search will be the easiest method. You can also narrow down your search by selecting criteria based on categories if you wish.


How can I access more detailed information about products?

You can see the brand of the seller in the section where the product is listed. By clicking the "Ask Store a Question" button, you can inquire for more detailed information about the product.


How is the distinction made between products and offline service?

Take a look at the comparison table. How is the distinction made between products and offline service?


What are the conditions for becoming a seller?

To become a seller on our marketplace, you need to have an active business. The Fornium dealer that includes you in the system easily performs your entry process. Alternatively, you can easily become a supplier by clicking on the "Become a Supplier" button on our forniumpartner.co.uk page. Watch the video on How to add a supplier company?


Is it free to become a Supplier?

Suppliers can join the system for free.


How can we rate Suppliers?

After receiving your order, you can confirm it under the "My Account" menu. During this process, you can help us improve by evaluating the suppliers's order acceptance and shipping processes and leave feedback.


Do I need to contact the supplier when placing an order?

When you complete your purchase, the supplier is notified of your order via email and SMS, and your order is automatically generated in our system. Therefore, you do not need to provide any additional information to the supplier regarding your order.